Led lighting in Mimet equipments

Date: Saturday 09 August, 2014
Categories: Activities, News

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The word LED comes from the English acronym “light emitting diode”. In its constant improvement process Mimet decided to incorporate this technology in their products by the advantages above sources of incandescent and fluorescent lights, mainly due to low power consumption, to be more specific, an 86% savings in relation to fluorescent tubes.

By using our LED lighting in commercial refrigeration equipment the heat emissions within the glass doors are reduced, which means additional savings, also increasing durability, which adds to its lifetime, reaching 50,000 hours. On the other hand they have a short ignition time less than 1 millisecond, unlike other high-power lighting.

Other positive aspects of LED lighting is that they do not contain mercury, which when exposed to the environment is highly dangerous. Also, these “diodes”, compared with fluorescent technology does not create high magnetic fields as the magnetic induction technology does, since with these a higher residual radiation is produced to humans.

We are always very attentive to the development of new technologies that allow us to contribute to the care of the environment and optimize the energy consumption of Mimet equipments. Our goal and motivation is to be the leaders in the commercial refrigeration market, so we keep working every day to improve and enhance the products we manufacture.

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