Training on CO2 Coca-Coca in the northern región of Chile

Date: Thursday 15 January, 2015
Categories: Activities, News

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In MIMET we care about implementing state-of-the-art technology in all our equipment so as to help our clients in cutting power consumption and costs and taking care of our environment. We deem as important not only to provide high quality equipment but also an excellent customer service and support. That is the reason why we were in the northern region of Chile training Andina Chile personnel on working with CO2 refrigerant gas that is used inside Coca-Cola equipment.

It is a highly regarded ecological refrigerant, which means a low global-warming potential (GWP=1). The impact of this refrigerant in the ozone layer is virtually nonexistent (ODP=0). CO2 is a non-dangerous, non-flammable, and non-toxic gas, among other positive traits. Under low-temperature conditions, CO2 has certain thermodynamics characteristics that easily reduce power consumption and the volume of the refrigerating circuits. In an air-cooled refrigerator plant, the cycle can work above the critical temperature, which is known as “transcritical cycle”. The CO2 transcritical cycle is 4 to 5 times greater than R22 and R404A gases. If it is utilized in low temperatures it is considered a thermal carrier i.e., when it is used in cascade along with another refrigerant. Thus, the cycle works below the critical temperature, which is called “subcritical cycle”. The refrigerant subcritical cycle is 6 to 8 times greater than R22, R404A, and NH3. The installation cost is reduced because of the small diameters that have to be used. Regarding other thermal benefits for refrigerating, it is worth mentioning its low viscosity, high thermal conductivity, and high density steam.

Servimet S.A., which is part of MIMET corporate group, was in charge of doing this training course in the cities of Antofagasta and Coquimbo. The training sessions include theoretical lessons with visual aids for learning and didactical practical lessons where Andina personnel were shown the main components of the CO2 refrigerant technology in the equipment and how it works.

We are pleased to train and prepare our clients so that they can take advantage of these high quality technology products while protecting the environment.


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