Tsunami Destroyed Showcases in Coquimbo

Date: Monday 14 September, 2015
Categories: News

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On September 16th, 2015 Coquimbo was battered by an 8.4 magnitude earthquake and after that a tsunami pounded the region’s coastal areas. Natural disasters struck off our country again. The force of the water tore down everything in its path but there were some things that the tide brought back to the coast of Coquimbo. While local people were busy cleaning up the debris from the beach, they could see at a distance some Mimet equipment in amazement, floating in the ocean. The tide hit heavily vessels, homes, shops, and our products that were operating there around 10 years. The currents dragged debris to and fro for several days. The showcases did not crack so no water leakage was found inside them. They just kept on floating because of their insulation properties and the strength of their solid structures. Moreover, the equipment glass doors did not break despite having been struck off. As a matter of fact, the pictures show that people who got the showcases in the beach could open the glass doors without any hindrance and even the kids stepped on them without breaking them. However, Mimet equipment did work, keeping the drinks cool. People there enjoyed drinking them after working hard in removing debris and reconstruction tasks.

It is worthwhile to call attention to the fact that Mimet equipment is built according to high quality standards. There are a number of people really committed to make every possible effort in designing and building products that are durable and outstanding, the same people that are making Mimet products stand out in the market.
We are more than cooling equipment!
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