Mimet commited with the planet

Energy saving

The MES team is designed with a electronic controller which reduces energy consumption by 30%, depending on the conditions of the commercial premises. This device works according to the commercial activity of the point of sale, regulating the temperature of the products.

This equipment save energy in normal operation and also has features that make it enter n maximum energy savings. The maximum saving condition generally takes place when the room where the equipment is located is closed, because the maximum saving is applied when the cooler door remains closed.

It also has alarm activation system which indicate opening of the door for a long time, compressor shutdown by open door, problems in the cooling system and compressor protection in case of short cycles. All these features described above are part of the MES system, which contribute to the energy saving of the equipment.

The maximum energy saving function operates in a automatic and it has the possibility of being activated manually when the user of the equipment requires it.

The word LED comes from the English acronym “light emitting diode” which means “light emitting diode”. In its constant process of improvement, Mimet has decided to incorporate this technology in its products for the advantages it has over the sources of incandescent and fluorescent lights, one of the main reasons being its low energy consumption.

Since we are a company associated with energy efficiency, the technology used in our products satisfies the demands of our customers and maintains, at the same time, high quality standards, manufacturing equipment with low energy consumption.

We help our clients, in the positioning of their brand, display their products and increase their sales, offering efficient equipment suitable to their needs. We work with suppliers of prestigious brands in the industry with the aim of introducing cheap, silent and environmentally friendly products to the market. Our refrigeration technology goes hand in hand with the latest developments from our suppliers and industry trends. At present, our equipment is manufactured with R-290 refrigerant when the cold requirements allow the use of this refrigerant conditioned to the maximum load levels.

Planet impact

Equipment with polyurethane foam insulation.

Pentane is used as a polyurethane blowing agent, which is the insulation material, domestic and commercial refrigeration equipment, refrigerators and refrigerated containers, insulation panels and others. Pentane is used in several products providing a high effectiveness for the isolation and is respectful with the environment.

Our equipment is designed and manufactured with pre-painted steel that has been treated to provide high durability and resistance over time.

CO2: At MIMET, we are concerned about implementing technologies that help our customers reduce electricity expenses and protect our environment. We consider it important to deliver high quality equipment and with it an excellent attention and advice.

Is a ecological refrigerant which has a long tradition in this field and which means a low potential for global warming(GWP=1). The impact of this refrigerant on the ozone layer is practically zero (ODP = 0). Among the various benefits and positive characteristics that CO2 has is that it is not flammable, it is not toxic and it is not dangerous. The thermodynamic characteristics that it possesses in low temperature facilitate the reduction of the volumes of the refrigeration circuits and the energy consumptions. In a refrigeration installation that has air condensation, the cycle can operate above this critical temperature, which is called “transcritical cycle”. The transcritical CO2 cycle is 4 to 5 times greater than the R22 and R404A gases. If applied at low temperatures, it is used as a thermo-carrier refrigerant, that is, cascaded with another refrigerant. In this way, the cycle operates below the critical temperature, and this is called the “subcritical cycle”. The subcritical of the refrigerant in question is 6 to 8 times larger than the gases R22, R404A and NH3. The installation cost is reduced due to the small diameters that must be used. Other beneficial thermo-physical characteristics for cooling are its low viscosity, high thermal conductivity and high vapor density.

We work with R290 and CO2-744 refrigerants. They are very cool refrigerants low environmental impact in relation to depletion of the ozone layer and global warming.

Our equipment has a 100% copper cooling system.

Why use copper?

1. The copper pipes are safe, durable and reliable, Giving peace of mind and avoiding problems to the owner of the equipment.

2. It is capable of supporting harder and more extreme conditions. From 200 ° C in solar thermal installations to -200 ° C for refrigerated liquid gases.

3. The copper tube is the only material used in plumbing that is antimicrobial and hygienic, This being a reason to use it in water installations for human consumption.

4. Can be recycled again and again without losing its properties or performance. There is a possibility that a small part of the copper used in a pipe installation would be used to make jewelry in the Middle Ages or coins in the Roman Empire.

5. Whichever manufacturer of the pipes and fittings used in a copper pipe installation, there will be no incompatibility problems with tubes and accessories from other manufacturers. All components are manufactured in standard sizes.

6. Copper piping systems are the only ones that combine ease and speed of installation, durability, proven reliability for decades, minimal maintenance and antimicrobial properties.If we consider the total cost of a pipeline system throughout its useful life, copper offers high profitability against other materials available in the market.


Solar or photovoltaic panels are made up of different cells responsible for converting light into electricity. Solar cells are devices that convert solar energy into electricity, which is stored in batteries to power the cooling system of our equipment.